Personalize Hem A Self-Assessment

Taking a personalized approach to living with hemophilia A

The Personalize Hem A self-assessment tool is designed to help you have a clear vision of how hemophilia A is affecting your daily life.

Once the self-assessment is complete, you can create and download a PDF of your responses and share this resource with your healthcare team, so that you can work together to design a personalized approach to therapy in order to improve your daily living.

Find out more about what to consider and reflect upon prior to this self-assessment.

Are you currently on prophylaxis therapy?
How challenging is it for you to follow the prescribed regimen?
Have you and your healthcare team completed pharmacokinetic testing to personalize your treatment (timed factor levels to figure out half‑life, trough levels, peak levels, etc.)?
Sample FVIII PK curves

Consider discussing the importance of pharmacokinetic testing with your healthcare team at your next visit.

Do you keep regular infusion records?

If you keep infusion records, have a look at them as you answer the following question. If you don’t keep records, do your best to answer the following question from memory.

What kind of bleeds have you had over the last 6 to 12 months? (Click all that apply.)
What is your current activity level? (Click one that applies and indicate your minutes per day and days per week.)
Compared to one year ago, you feel your activity is:

Less intense and/or frequent

The same

More intense and/or frequent

On any given day, you accomplish:

Less than you would like

Everything you would like

How much does your hemophilia A limit you at school or work?
How much does your hemophilia A limit your social activities?
How much does your hemophilia A cause you anxiety in your daily life?

Not at all


A lot

Over the next year, you expect your health to:
Do you think there is an opportunity to improve the management of your hemophilia A?
Have you ever used an app to track your PK profile?

Talk to your healthcare team to see if an app could help you personalize your treatment.

† Prophylaxis is a course of treatment to prevent bleeds.

Once the self-assessment is complete, you can create and download a PDF of your responses and share it with your healthcare team and work together to determine areas that can be improved through personalized therapy.

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