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At Takeda, we are committed to helping people take a personalized approach to living with hemophilia A

Each individual has a unique way that their body processes and clears Factor VIII (FVIII), an essential blood clotting protein.

Prophylactic FVIII replacement is a course of treatment taken regularly to prevent bleeds.

Managing hemophilia A through FVIII is considered the standard of care for people living with severe hemophilia A.

A 'one-size-fits-all' approach to prophylaxis is not ideal. The same dose and frequency for different people could potentially lead to over-treatment in some individuals and under-treatment in others.

It is important to have a personalized approach to prophylaxis to achieve an optimal FVIII that remains above a certain threshold that is determined by your healthcare provider.

See how therapy should be tailored to your personal and medical needs.

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