Assessing activity risk for people with bleeding disorders

Some people like to designate activity by ‘risk level’, however selecting an activity is much more complex than just knowing the overall ‘risk rating’. There are many considerations when selecting the right activity for you. Below are a few questions that you may consider when choosing an activity. Your physician, nurse, or physiotherapist can help you think through some of these questions in greater depth.

  • Have I done this activity before?
  • Have I had any injuries or bleeds that may impact my ability to do this activity?
  • What body parts/joints need to move while doing this activity?
  • Do I have the strength to do this activity safely?
  • Do I have the endurance to do this activity?
  • Is my balance and coordination sufficient to do this activity?
  • Does this activity require repetitive motion, and will my joints be able to handle the strain?
  • Will I need to pivot with this activity, and will knees and ankles be able to handle the stress of quick changes in direction?
  • Is there a chance of collision with this activity?
  • Is the terrain or surface uneven, hard, wet, or icy?
  • Does this activity take place in a remote location?
  • Is there medical help near by if needed?

The following tool can help gain an understanding of the risks of various sports and activities but is not the whole picture. Level 1 is generally considered lower risk with level 3 being higher risk activities. Your physician, nurse, or physiotherapist can help you determine what the best activity is for you, considering your physical abilities, bleeding phenotype, joint health, and your interests.

A bleeding disorder does not have to be a barrier to physical activity if you stay informed and take necessary precautions.

Disclaimer: Physical activity poses inherent risks that are elevated for individuals with hemophilia A. Each individual must decide whether or not to assume these risks with their healthcare team and, if assumed, how to best manage the risk. Please talk to your doctor or physiotherapist to determine if an activity is suitable for your personal situation.

Activity Risk Rating

View by Activity or Risk Rating. Select a specific risk rating to display only the activities associated with that rating.

Click on a tab to select how activities are displayed. Use Activity to find the risk rating for individual activities. Use Risk to view all activities with a specified risk rating.

Ranges are displayed with activities that have multiple levels of risk.



Risk Rating



Low to moderate


Moderate to high


Download the Activity Risk Rating PDF

† Activity risk ratings are based on people without bleeding disorders and are not recommendations. The ratings are intended for informational purposes only. Talk with your healthcare provider to make an activity plan that’s right for you.
1. Adapted from Playing It Safe: Activity Ratings Chart, available here.