You are unique,
and so is the life you want to live

It is important to understand the factors that guide treatment decision‑making

If you have hemophilia A, your doctor may have prescribed you treatments that are based on the concentration of Factor VIII (FVIII) in your blood—otherwise known as your pharmacokinetic (PK) profile.

Everyone is different, and the length of time FVIII remains active in your body may be significantly different from the time it stays in someone else’s.

Your hemophilia A prophylaxis treatment depends on many different factors that are specific to you.

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Presence of joint disease

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(i.e., nutrition, social life, travel)

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PK profile

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Health support system
(i.e., family, friends)

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Disease severity

Understanding and learning about the factors that affect your treatment can help you manage your lifestyle, meet your personal goals for your treatment, and avoid bleeds and joint damage.

† Prophylaxis is a course of treatment to prevent bleeds.

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Your PK Profile

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