Personal stories

It is valuable for people living with hemophilia A to hear personal experiences of others who have the disease.

The views expressed in this video are personal to the individual and do not constitute medical or other professional healthcare advice.

Watch the video to hear Jeff’s story.

By sharing their experience, people can enlighten others about the impact of living with hemophilia and how important it is to work with your healthcare team to receive effective treatment that fits your individual lifestyle. Sharing stories can also remind others living with hemophilia that they are not alone.

“Fortunately, my family understood early on that hemophilia is neither a blemish nor a death sentence; that I am unique but not a burden.”
– Lukas, living with hemophilia
“I think growing up with hemophilia really initially taught me to try to look at the bright side of things. I have to maintain that positive attitude. Your attitude is everything in anything you do in life and it certainly has helped me be who I am.”
– Jeff, living with hemophilia
“My son and I have agreed between us that hemophilia is more a peculiarity than a disease and that he can lead a largely normal life with few restrictions under given prophylaxis.”
– Stephanie, mother whose son has hemophilia

† Prophylaxis is a course of treatment to prevent bleeds.