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Taking a personalized approach to living with hemophilia A

Takeda is here to support you and your entire healthcare team.

We know that every person living with hemophilia A is unique. That’s why it is important to consider the needs of the individual.

Personalized medicine, sometimes referred to as precision or individualized medicine, is used to help develop a targeted treatment or prevention plan using a combination of diagnostic tests and the individual’s medical history, circumstances and values.

We are here to help you understand the benefits of a personalized approach to living with hemophilia A, including:

  • Understanding the importance of your individual bleeding patterns
  • Identifying your current and desired level of daily activity
  • Considering the role your pharmacokinetic (PK) profile plays when making bleed management and lifestyle decisions
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Expert Insights

Tips from hemophilia experts to support your healthy lifestyle

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Treatment Options

Learn more about treatment options for hemophilia A

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Assessing Activity Risk

Find out about assessing activity risk for people with bleeding disorders

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Self-Assessment Tool

Use the Personalize Hem A self-assessment tool to help identify how hemophilia A is affecting your daily life